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I was born and raised in Newport, Vermont. I have always had a hunger for learning and a personal drive to achieve my dreams, no matter the cost. After I spent many years traveling the world as a member of the Air Force, once I got out, I was left feeling lost. That was, until I picked up a camera.
Now, I spend my time fostering rescue dogs, gardening, and brainstorming my next boudoir set. Photography has given me a sense of direction and purpose that I was longing for and I have made it my mission to ensure that each woman who is behind my camera lens feels empowered and confident. 

 Empower Women

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My VIP group is simply a private closed group that consists of current, past, and future boudoir & portrait clients. It’s a safe space for you to ask questions and share inspirational images or stories, to collaborate and bond with other women who are just like you. The VIP group is free and a safe space where woman cheer each on and uplift one another! 


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